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Lora DiCarlo

Lora DiCarlo Osé 2 Robotic Clitoral Pressure Wave Suction & G-Spot Vibe

Lora DiCarlo Osé 2 Robotic Clitoral Pressure Wave Suction & G-Spot Vibe

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Designed to mimic the best kinds of human touch, Osé 2 combines a G-spot massager and clitoral mouth to arouse and stimulate both pleasure points simultaneously. The latest version has a more accommodating, intuitive fit with a slightly longer body and more flexibility so you can adjust its position for max satisfaction. And with a smaller G-spot massager and a wider range of power on the Clitoral Stimulator, Osé 2 is a unique, customizable experience that works across even more bodies.

Lora DiCarlo is here to empower your path to pleasure.

  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable Battery - Up to 1 hour of use.
  • Medical Grade Silicone


The Clitoral Stimulator is designed to replicate the sensation of the mouth and tongue over the glans clitoris. It presses flat against the vulva and its smooth ridges rest within the outer labia to provide rhythmic thrumming throughout the full body of the clitoris. This new and improved version has more rumbly lows and higher highs, giving you more control. Choose from 10 intensity levels to find just the right amount of stimulation.

THE G-SPOT MASSAGER The G-spot Massager

Now 9.5% smaller so you get just the right amount of pressure—replicates the best kind of human touch, mimicking the come-hither motion of a finger. The updated material feels softer and even more lifelike. And custom settings allow you to determine the length and speed of each stroke against the G-spot.


We designed Osé with a flexible body that can be molded into a wide range of positions to achieve a custom fit that reaches both pleasure points.

About Clitoral suction/air pulsation/pressure wave stimulators

Clitoral suction/air pulsation/pressure wave stimulators are a type of clitoral stimulation that relies on pulsating waves of air hitting the clitoris. Instead of a standard vibrator that is pressed to the clitoris, an air pulsation product has a circular, hollow head that you put over the clitoris, surrounding it. The toy then pulses air onto the clitoris for an amazing sensation similar to oral sex. The power of the air pulsation often stimulates below the surface of the clitoris and into the arms deep within your body, leading to very intense, prolonged orgasms


      • Material: Silicone
      • Power Source: Magnetic USB Charger
      • Functions: Pulsates and vibrates, Airflow technology
      • Charging time: 2 hours
      • Use time: 1 hour
      • Color: White
      • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty
      • Manufacturer: Lora DiCarlo
      • UPC:  850012598176
      • Additional Features: Waterproof, Body Safe, Phthalate Free
      • Included: Charging Cord, Storage Pouch - Made from recycled ocean plastic, User Guide, 1-year Warranty Card 


      • Overall Length: 6.3 Inches
      • Overall Height: 5.1 Inches
      • Overall Width: 2.9 Inches
      • Clitoral Mouth Dimension: .6  X .8 Inches
      • Clitoral Stimulator Dimension: 1.6 X 1.3 Inches
      • Insertable Length: UP TO 4.6 Inches
      • Insertable Width: 1.35 Inches

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